About Us


The main business and products

We have two major fields of business. We specialize in grape seed extract, rhodiola extract, stevioside extract, and other plant extracts. And we export all products to well-known health care product company around the world.

Business model

We are export-oriented at present. But with the development of the company, we will be manufacturing end products, mainly in grape seeds extract capsules and rhodiola extract capsules, which contain anti-oxidation essence and supports healthy vein and capillary structure. In addition, we will be manufacturing sweet tea bags as well as other health products, to open up the Chinese domestic market and improve profitability.

The core competitiveness and key resources

We have the advanced production technology, research and development team, raw material cultivation base (in Xinjiang Province), food production license (SC card) and a number of patent certificates (201510481490.6, etc.). Also, we actively cooperate with the domestic and foreign universities and research institutions, as well as participate in various provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Currently we are collaborating with Ningbo Institute of Technology, to apply for a national invention patent about using extraction of high content of procyanidins from grape seed in cancer treatment.


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